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SIckness and Accident coverage

These plans provide up front benefits for expenses incurred for covered healthcare services without a calendar year deductible having to be first satisfied.

These plans utilize a nationwide PPO network and pay the expenses charged for covered services after the PPO discount, up-to each benefit maximum. Plus, you can buy more coverage if you need it without additional underwriting! Ask your Agent how!

Health & Wellness

The  Health & Wellness PPO Plans provide benefit payments for wellness and health screening services without having to satisfy a calendar year deductible. These plans utilize a nationwide PPO network.


This coverage provides comprehensive outpatient and inpatient short term medical expense coverage and also utilizes a nationwide PPO network. After a deductible is met, which is less than the typical deductible available on either an ACA  plan in the federally facilitated marketplace, 100% of expenses for covered sickness and
bodily injury is paid.

But, why pay for comprehensive medical expense coverage until you need it? With this option,  each insured with the guaranteed right to Upgrade to the comprehensive medical coverage, you don’t have to buy comprehensive coverage until you need it

Lump Sum Benefit Critical Illness Insurance

The critical illness coverage provides lump sum benefit payments to the insured to help offset any out of pocket healthcare expenses or other household expenses if a covered critical health incident occurs in the future. Additionally,  100% of the Plan’s benefit amount is paid to the named beneficiary upon the insured’s death. This unique and valuable coverage is achieved by combining the Plan’s 5-year renewable term life benefit payable to the named beneficiary with a stated percentage of the Plan’s life benefit paid in a lump sum to the insured for covered critical illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. 


The dental options can help your family maintain a healthy smile. The plans provide coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental care, after a deductible. Unlike some other dental plans, coverage is not limited to a select list of providers. Our dental plans can be used at any dentist as they are nationwide PPO plans.


Our vision plans are easy to use and can help save you money with both insurance benefits and negotiated discounts provided by a major vision provider. Benefits include an annual comprehensive eye exam, corrective standard lenses, and frames, or corrective contact lenses in lieu of lenses and frames

ADDitional BenEfits

Members automatically receive many privileges, discounts and benefits, all at no additional cost, including some of the more popular ones listed below:

  • Unlimited non-emergency telemedicine consultations through the physician’s group, including prescriptions sent to the Member’s pharmacy. Online dermatology and behavioral health consultations are also available to Members at reduced rates.
  • Hospital Confinement Room & Board Daily Benefits
  • Accidental Bodily Injury Excess MedicalExpense Benefits
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits

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